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In an increasingly globalized economic environment, Corporación Masaveu maintains a clear internationalization strategy in countries which it considers attractive in view of their historical and socio-economical conditions. Consequently, the group has expanded its international business portfolio and now has direct presence through its subsidiaries in 8 countries, as well as carrying out business in another 30. The aim of the international division is to improve economic results by holding shares in companies which offer interesting profitability and by increasing activity in subsidiaries in countries which offer guarantees of success.

Investments in America

Investments in USA

United States

Corporación Masaveu has steadily increased its exposure in the United States over the last decade. At present, it has real estate investments in some of the main Cities of North America.  In the US capital, the group owns two Class A buildings, located in the administrative center and shopping area of Washington DC. In the city of Houston (Texas), Corporación Masaveu is the owner of a Class AA building. In Miami (Florida), it is also the owner of “Le Courvoisier Center”, a 34,000 m² complex consisting of a pair of Class A office buildings, situated on exclusive Brickell Key, home to the financial district and the largest financial institutions in the United States. Finally, the group owns two hotels in California: Point Loma hotel in San Diego and a brand new hotel in Glendale, Los Angeles.


Masaveu Industria owns 50% of a cement grinding plant in Maranhao, in partnership with Grupo Ferroeste. Corporación Masaveu also has a significant stake in Agrocortex Madeiras do Brasil, a pioneering company which is carrying out one of the largest forestry development Projects in Brazil, and one of the few that are managed in a sustainable manner. Situated between the states of Acre and Amazonas, the plantation covers an amazing 190,200 hectares, The project has a dual national and international forestry development permit for harvesting Brazilian mahogany, a wood known as mogno in Brazil. This luxury product has been granted special international protection; in order to obtain permission to harvest the wood, the production method employed must undergo a rigorous accreditation process to ensure that it strictly complies with the principles of environmental conservation and sustainability.

Investments in Brazil

Investments in Europe


Together with Liberbank, the group holds a 7.18% share in Energías de Portugal (EDP) through Oppidum Capital, a company in which Corporación Masaveu has a 52% stake, the rest belongs to the aforementioned financial entity. The group also holds shares in EGEO, a company which specializes in waste management. In the renewable energy sector, Oppidum Capital, through its subsidiary Céfiro Energía, has invested in the acquisition of several companies which operate wind farms and one fotovoltaic solar plant. These energy production sites are situated in Spain and Portugal and have a power output capacity of 330 megawatts.


Majority shareholder in SC Five Continents, an agrifood company situated in the region of Valcea, which specializes in the production of different types of high quality cheese, the only of its kind in Romania. These cheeses are sold under the brands “Horezu Branza Fermentata” and “Manastirea Horezu”.


Owners of a luxury 5 star hotel managed by the Iberostar hotel chain, situated in Budapest’s District V, in a privileged area of the city, right in Freedom Square and very near to the American Embassy. Furthermore, the group also owns a strategic site in Budapest’s District XIII, measuring 87,000 m2.

European Investments